Student Success

We work with every single applicant under the sun and don't pad our success stats by only working with students that will likely be accepted to their desired degree program. People we have gotten into medical school have GPA's ranging from 2.76 - 4.00 and MCAT scores from 502-524 (and on old score as low as 18).
During the 2018-2019 cycle, 100% of students were accepted into medical school. We have helped students receive over $2 million in scholarship funds since White Coat Admissions Consulting was founded. During the 2019-2020 cycle, WCA students received an average of 7.15 interview invitations to medical school per student (greater than twice the national average!!). To date, White Coat Admissions has a greater than 92% acceptance rate.
White Coat Admissions Consulting students have been accepted at almost every MD and DO program in the nation. Highlights include: University of California – San Francisco (UCSF), Johns Hopkins University, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Weill Cornell Medical College, Harvard Medical School, University of California – San Diego (UCSD), University of California – Irvine (UCI), Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Keck School of Medicine of USC, New York University (NYU), Case Western Reserve University, University of Chicago - Pritzker, Northwestern, Mayo – Arizona, Tufts, Columbia, Boston University, Mayo – Minnesota, Washington University – St. Louis, and Vanderbilt.
Students have also been accepted at many DO, PA, PT, and DDS/DMD programs. We have experience with every health professions degree program!
DI (Northwestern Feinberg
School of Medicine, 2021)

Aram will provide very personalized guidance and advice to you and your application. I have received multiple comments from interviewers and friends that my personal statement is exceptional all due to Aram’s outstanding skills in revision. He has allowed me to receive interview invitations from around 50% of the MD schools that I applied to which is unimaginable for many people. His mock interviews were also very helpful, well-rounded and personalized, and I walked into my first interview with confidence and with a mindset that I will be the one choosing their school, not the school choosing me. Aram will walk through the complicated application process alongside with you, and he will help you overcome the hurdles and win that race.

ED (Mayo Clinic
School of Medicine, 2021)

I feel lucky to call Aram both my mentor and my friend. He has an extremely personalized approach to admissions consulting that demonstrates his kindness and genuine emotional investment in each of his students' journeys. He's an effective essay editor, a proactive communicator, and a supportive shoulder to lean on when this tough process inevitably becomes overwhelming. From the multitude of resources he offers (webinars, mock interviews, book recommendations, and many more) to his compassion and willingness to answer each and every late-night, panicked text, I am not exaggerating when I say I could not have made it through the application cycle without him! You will absolutely have a happier and more successful cycle by using Aram as your medical school guru.

HS (UC Irvine
School of Medicine, 2020)

Applying to medical school is tough. Whether you consider yourself a good writer or not, it's hard to write about yourself, to find that happy medium between arrogance and humility, to reflect who you truly are in each 700-character section. Because medical school admissions is such a shot in the dark, it's important to make yourself shine in each essay you write or info box you fill in, and Aram helped me do this. He did not just simply edit my work; he made sure I understood what was good, what needed improving, and why - the latter being the most important yet oftentimes the most missed. Aram was great in preparing me for every facet of the medical school application, and I could not have done it without him!

SA (UCSF School of Medicine, 2021)

If you need help strengthening your application, look no further because Aram Namavar is the best in doing just that. He is highly experienced, professional, and caring. He has been through the process himself, found success, and has made it a personal mission of his to pay it forward and help the next generation of physicians succeed in achieving their goals—starting with medical school admissions. This is his passion, one that he does not take lightly. He prioritizes your success above all and that becomes clear in every interaction you have with Aram. Uniquely, Aram also understands that there is no one formula to success, and that each applicant is different. His real strength is in helping you make your individual strengths and achievements shine in such a way that captures both your personality and your unique qualifications—something not easily accomplished. When you work with Aram, you are giving yourself the highest chance of succeeding--don't pass up on this opportunity!