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Student Success

We work with every single applicant under the sun and don't pad our success stats by only working with students that will likely be accepted to their desired degree program. People we have gotten into medical school have GPA's ranging from 2.76 - 4.00 and MCAT scores from 500-524 (and on old score as low as 18).
White Coat Admissions has had several cycles in which 100% of students he worked with from start to finish were accepted to medical school. The highlight of his time working with students was when his students on average received more than twice the national average of interview invitations to medical school: average 7.15 interview invitations for medical school. 

To date, White Coat Admissions has a greater than 92% acceptance rate into desired health professional programs. 
White Coat Admission, LLC, students have been accepted at almost every MD and DO program in the nation. Students have also been accepted at many PA, PT, and DDS/DMD programs. We have experience with every health professions degree program!

Accepted Student, 2028

I am not sure where to begin in explaining to you how valuable WCA is to your success through the medical school application process. WCA is a weapon and truly knows how to navigate this entire process. Through trusting all of his suggestions. I have received 13 Interview Invitations and 7 acceptances. They know exactly what the admissions committee is looking for. I would go as far to say that if you are reading this testimonial page, are privileged enough to afford his services yet don’t reach out, you are acting foolish and putting yourself at a tremendous disadvantage. I was referred to WCA through 2 of my close friends who actually had nothing to do with one another. They both emphasized that WCA played a key role in their successful cycle. We have made jokes that WCA “does the lord's work” to an application. WCA not only gives you great advice and mentorship on how to navigate this stupid, unfair, and extremely stressful process but all of their advice and help is tailored to YOUR own needs. For instance, my partner and I are both applying to medical school and WCA was able to provide us both with school lists which allowed us to be competitive as individual applicants and also had some overlap so that we could have the potential of attending the same schools. I have referred WCA to all of my friends and will continue to do so throughout my time in medical school, residency, and as an attending. (Accepted Medical Student, Class of 2028)

Accepted Medical Student, 2026

I can not imagine going through the process of medical school admissions without the invaluable wisdom and guidance that Aram provided me with. Throughout the entire process WCA assisted me in crafting an application that enabled me to gain admission to medical school, truly a dream come true. His years of experience in the medical school admissions process allowed Aram to strategically tailor my school list to my application strengths and yielded me many interviews. Throughout the essay writing process WCA helped me form a unique narrative and allowed me to show admission committees why I should be admitted to their program. Aram was always quick to answer questions and returned edits promptly. After the completion of secondaries he assisted with the interview process, I highly recommend doing a mock interview with him. He constantly checked in with me during the arduous process and provided clear and sincere feedback at all stages of the cycle. He is a wealth of information with a multitude of resources. I would recommend Aram's services to any medical school applicant and am so glad that I heard about White Coat Admissions from a college friend. I truly would not be in the position I am in today without Aram's help. (Accepted Medical Student, Class of 2026)

Accepted Student, 2027

You should consider yourself extremely lucky to have had a colleague refer you to Aram and WCA. As a first-time applicant, I didn’t realize the significant edge I’d receive by obtaining his expert advice. He will see the best in you and support you 100%. Just knowing about his expertise and hearing him tell me (during my free 15-minute consultation) that I had a solid chance of getting into med school gave me so much hope and excitement throughout this infamously uncertain and competitive process. I had a dear med school mentor share their experience with Aram, and I consider that moment in my life to be the most impactful step toward my dream of donning the white coat. The application cycle is long and will test you, but rest assured that you won’t go through it alone. Aram has almost a decade of experience helping many aspiring physicians gain acceptance into medical school. And what’s even more admirable is that Aram does all this mentorship on top of his own career as a physician. He will fit you into his hours and work with you so that you’re best prepared to advocate your candidacy to study medicine. Throughout my time, WCA has proofread and critiqued my personal statement, activities list, and secondaries. Aram even personalized a med school list based on my primary, personal goals in medicine, and his previous students who were similar to me (saving me a bunch of time in researching schools for my list). He has also conducted mock interviews for specific schools and provided personalized feedback on my interviewing skills. Moreover, he will offer teaching points after he asks you the most challenging interview questions, which I very much appreciate as they serve as more profound insights into the practice of medicine. He has so much experience in this process that he has his own database of interview questions. Additionally, he takes time to make Zoom workshops to guide your approach to secondaries and interviewing for med school in general. Without Aram, I am not sure where I’ll be at this point of the cycle; I’ve interviewed at my top medical schools and have been accepted into one of them so far. I never imagined I would have the outcomes I do today, especially as an under-represented applicant. My testimonial emphasizes how he will see the best in you and foster your strengths as a candidate. I am so excited for the future ahead, and this is all thanks to Aram’s guidance. If you’re reading this testimonial, I hope you consider Aram as your consultant! Take on WCA and seriously follow all his stern (but effective!) advice- it will land you a seat in medical school :)

(Accepted Medical Student, Class of 2027)

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