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Student Success

We work with every single applicant under the sun and don't pad our success stats by only working with students that will likely be accepted to their desired degree program. People we have gotten into medical school have GPA's ranging from 2.76 - 4.00 and MCAT scores from 500-524 (and on old score as low as 18).
White Coat Admissions has had several cycles in which 100% of students he worked with from start to finish were accepted to medical school. The highlight of his time working with students was when his students on average received more than twice the national average of interview invitations to medical school: average 7.15 interview invitations for medical school. 

To date, White Coat Admissions has a greater than 92% acceptance rate into desired health professional programs. 
White Coat Admission, LLC, students have been accepted at almost every MD and DO program in the nation. Students have also been accepted at many PA, PT, and DDS/DMD programs. We have experience with every health professions degree program!

Accepted Student, 2028

As a first generation student, I found the stress of applying to medical school compounded by the lack of guidance that I had available. That was until I found WCA. He made himself available for any question I had and responded to them within minutes. He guided me through every step of the process, from primaries through interviews, and cheered me on when I got my first acceptance. I am extremely happy that I made the decision to hire WCA as my advisor, and the value that I received from his services far outweighed the cost. I will wholeheartedly recommend his services to aspiring pre-med students for years to come. Thank you WCA!!!

Accepted Medical Student, 2028

WCA is a phenomenal resource for medical school admissions. WCA is quick, efficient, professional, and honest. WCA will provide expert guidance during every step of the process, but will not pressure you to use his help for certain steps if you don't want to. I appreciate that WCA does not waste your time or money - their edits, comments, and email responses are delivered quickly and WCA only charges for the number of minutes they spent working on your materials. I found WCA blog posts and mass emails to be invaluable for getting the timing right - without WCA's aggressive timeline and reminders of when to turn in materials, I definitely would not have had such a successful application cycle. I cannot recommend White Coat Admissions more, and you should consider yourself lucky if given the privilege to work with them!

Accepted Student, 2025

As a first generation student, having WCA as a support system was an invaluable tool that ultimately allowed me to get accepted to medical school. At almost every step of the process, I felt incredibly confused and it was only with WCA's attentive and personalized guidance that I was able to survive the arduous cycle during a pandemic and still manage to get accepted to medical school. Not only did his editing, workshops, and mock interviews give me the skills I needed to be successful completing secondaries and virtually interviewing, but it also enlisted me with confidence I did not have prior to applying. This confidence was definitely a key factor to my success this cycle. WCA is incredibly responsive, and will support you through all the bumps of the process by serving as an endless source of knowledge and being a consistent uplifting force. WCA genuinely cares about your success and his honesty and quality feedback at every step of the medical school application process sets you up to be in the best position possible. WCA's mock interviews equipped me with the skills I needed to feel confident and calm throughout every interview and taught me how to anticipate difficult questions and succeeded in answering them. I am beyond grateful that a friend recommended WCA because without their guidance I would not have survived this cycle. His mentorship has been invaluable to my future medical career, and I am so grateful to have had him as a resource this interview cycle. Do yourself a favor, and get to work with WCA, they will become not just a mentor, but also a good friend.

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