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The process begins with an introductory call should the student be interested to answer questions regarding the logistics of the process of working with White Coat Admissions. If desired by the student, an analysis of your current resume to ensure you are a competitive candidate for the medical school application cycle can be done. This analysis will be able to provide you a yes/no answer for free to the question "Should I apply to professional school this cycle?"

If we deem you are able to apply this cycle, we will complete the application components. These components include the work and activities, personal statement, disadvantaged statement (if applicable), followed by the school list. 

Students generally also have us edit their secondary essays. The process will ultimately include 1-3 mock interview sessions designed to be inclusive of the several modalities currently used (individual, group, multiple mini interview) as well as strategically writing letters of intent/interest after completing the interview season.

Students have the flexibility of selecting which services they would like to pursue with no obligation in terms of number of hours. The average student will use our services for about 7 hours total on average for the medical school application (this is an average and will vary based on your circumstances)

Student testimonials can be found here!

Putting You On the
Path to Success




An invoice with time stamps, and tracked changes will be sent following completion of services.​


Package options will be pre-purchased. Payments made via the Zelle secure platform.

Compared to other equivalent, our rates are more competitive. Packages for other competition range from $2,500 - $9,999!!

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Note on Rates

Please understand that when White Coat Admissions, LLC is not working with students, we are investing time in staying abreast of the changing landscape of professional school admissions. We devote a great deal of time to adjusting our materials and strategic plans to suit this ever-evolving landscape. Rates reflect hidden costs, materials, planning time, professional development, and business operating expenses.  

In evaluation of other services with similar offerings and similar level of expertise, this rate is well below that of any other competitor. We believe we add incredible value to your application compared to the competition. Our students often cite the frequent communication with Dr. Namavar as the #1 asset to working with White Coat Admissions, LLC. 

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